URL Shortener with Ads and Powerful Admin Panel v1.8.8

URL Shortener with Ads and Powerful Admin Panel v1.8.8

URL Shortener with Ads and Powerful Admin Panel v1.8.8

URL Shortener with Ads and Powerful Admin Panel v1.8.8 It’s a PHP script allows your visitors to shorten their URLs, with a powerful administration panel which allows you to manage everything from searching for links to manage social networks settings The script offers a single URL shortening and Multi URLs shortening The single URL shortening comes with 3 options to set ( name, size and the owner) It offers 2 pages of Ads until showing the original URL, this feature will help you earn more money and all of that can be manage from the powerful Admin Panel


  • You can set a wait time before showing the original URL
  • Very powerful admin panel
  • Support for adding new admins with different privileges
  • Social sharing features
  • Very customizable template
  • PHP/MySql powered
  • 2 pages of ads to earn money
  • LESS files and compiled CSS included
  • Fixed top navigation that collapses on scroll
  • Adsense, analytics support
  • Powered by 3 different charts show important data
  • Has a built-in search tool for links ( Admin Panel )
  • Close or open the site with a custom message in case of closing the site
  • A search feature for URLs for visitors
  • It offers 2 pages of Ads until showing the original URL (optional)
  • Choose between open the link in Pop-up window or regular window
  • A simple to use API


  • Decompress the zip file
  • upload the content to where you want to install the script
  • Create a database
  • Open includes/config.php and edit the database details
  • In your browser open and follow the instructions
  • Edit the website setting inside the admin panel
  • templates_c and admin/templates_c set permission to 755


  • It’s recommened that you backup your database befor upgrade
  • in your browser open and follow the instructions
  • Delete the install folder or rename it


  • PHP 5.x
  • Mysql database
  • Mod Rewrite Enabled

Change log

2018-9-30 v1.8.8
- Fix a minor bug with javascript file
2017-7-12 v1.8.7
- Updated the reCAPTCHA plugin 
- Fixed a bug related to the database 
2016-8-29 v1.8.6
- added reCAPTCHA to make the script more secured
- update the smarty template to the latest version
2016-2-16 v1.8.5
- Fix a bug in the script API about handling URLs with fragment (hash mark #)
2015-10-25 v1.8.4
- update the database connection (to exit if username and database name are not set )
2015-9-23 v1.8.3
- Update the theme to keep it responsive
2015-7-16 v1.8.2
- Fix a bug in database
2015-7-2 v1.8.1
- Database optimization to increase speed and performance
2015-6-16 v1.8
- Adding a simple to use API
2015-4-13 v1.7
- Fix a bug download counter works if second page is disabled
- Add die() after every redirection to make the script faster
- Add more security to login system
- Improved database structure
- Improved managing admins
2015-4-11 v1.6
- Fix a bug about using ads networks other than adsense 
2015-4-9 v1.5
- Fix a bug in the installation delete the old install file and replace it with the new one
2015-3-10 v1.4
- Fix a bug add http:// if it's not exists in the URL in result page
2014-12-20 v1.3
- installation script gets working directory automatically
- Fixed long URLs's name in tables
- Choose between open the link in Pop-up window or a regular window
- make the page 2 to reach the URL optional
- Created upgrade file to upgrade the script database automatically
2014-12-12 v1.2
- added a search feature for URLs for visitors
- creating an installation script
- Fix a bug about the navigation on the admin panel
- add review link for manage links table
- Fix a bug when update profile or admin without updatinf the password
- Make the download counter add values when someone click the download button instead of visiting the page
- fixed long URLs in tables ( manage links and search results)
- add number of downloads for manage links and search results tables
- improved pagination highlight the current page( manage admins, manage links and search links)
- improved URL validation function
- improved the logout and login system ( delete all cookies when logout )
- update the documentation
- must delete the install.php file to proceed to the admin panel
2014-12-08 v1.1
- An ypdate for the database ( hashing the passwords )

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